This Page would have plenty of coloring pages and a few puzzles. and some changes to the normal "Royal Pain" Story.

  1. Fencer and Rocki sneak in an alley.
  2. The Cat Pack make a surprise Attack as Fencer tells Rocki to make a run for it.
  3. (Activity: Maze) Guide Fencer through the maze and make it to a house.
  4. After shaking the Cat Pack, Fencer sees a Shadow.
  5. A bandaged Fencer wakes up and meets the kindly Abigail and Her Cats.
  6. Queenie introduces Herself.
  7. (Puzzle: Anagram) Solve the names of the Six Royal Cats.
  8. Foofur and the others see Fencer and a few cats at the Window.
  9. (Activity: Find-It) Help Fencer find some cat toys inside the house.
  10. Abigail searches the basement as Ethyl lures Her away from the room.
  11. Ethyl shoos away the Cats.
  12. Fencer offers to help Queenie.
  13. (Activity: Connect-the-Dots) Help Fencer draw the mansion where He lives, so He can help the other cats.
  14. Fencer and the Cats encounter Vinnie and the Cat Pack...
  15. But the Cat Pack run since They're outnumbered 8 to 5.
  16. (Activity: Maze) Guide Fencer and the other cats to some food, and then reach the mansion.
  17. Fencer introduces the Royal Cats to Foofur.
  18. Baroness and Vicereine startled after accidentally spooking Louis.
  19. Rocki after Her ball whapped Marquis and Marchioness.
  20. (Activity: Find-It) Aid Fritz-Carlos by locating some cat food in the Kitchen.
  21. A Car driver sees one of the cats in the window.
  22. Foofur and the others see Mrs. Escrow with Ethyl and a policeman.
  23. (Activity: Connect-the-Dots) Help Foofur and the others by drawing something the Cats can hide in.
  24. The Cats and Dogs listen in on the conversation.
  25. A stray dog sees Abigail searching the town.
  26. The Cats and Dogs get ready to search for Abigail.
  27. Foofur sees The Dogcatcher's Truck and gets an idea as everyone else hides.
  28. (Activity: Maze) Guide Foofur and the others by getting to the Dogcatcher's Truck.
  29. Abigail wanders around the Construction Site.
  30. Fencer can't pick the lock because His claws were clipped.
  31. Mel and Harvey see the Dogs and Cats fighting.
  32. The Cats and Dogs escape.
  33. (Activity: Maze Guide Foofur and the others through the rubble to locate Abigail.
  34. Ethyl reunites with Her sister, who holds a kitten.
  35. Foofur and the other wave farewell to the cats.

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