Alexis is a Cream/White Tonkinese Cat with aquamarine eyes.


Despite that She's married to Rusty of the Cat Pack, She is kindhearted, and doesn't approve of Her husband being with the Cat Pack since They're a bad influence. She adores Music of any kind, except Alternative, Easy Listening, Hip-Hop, Reggae, and New Age. most of all, heavy metal.

Alexis would be portrayed by Lake Bell.



Alexis is the youngest of three kittens born from Her parents, both owned by an elderly Musician. at a young age, She understood the music notes and started practicing the keyboard without Her owner knowing, until a few days later, which made Him realize that His kitten has a musical talent, but decided not to exploit Her.


Alexis' Owner died from old age, and sung a song, knowing She and Her family was going to lose Her home and that They were going to be exploited by sleazy relatives. Rusty who was scrounging for food, listened to Her and sang along. and after marrying Rusty, They made their home at an abandoned orchestra hall.


Alexis gave birth to Twin Kittens, Martina and Martino. and after learning that Rusty is part of the Cat Pack, She tries again and again to dissuade Him from being with them.

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