Made from Foofur fans, for Foofur fans.

A Little off the Top/A Clean SweepEdit

A Moving ExperienceEdit

Dogstyles of the Rich and FamousEdit

Foofur Falls in LoveEdit

The Last Resort/Thicker than WaterEdit

Hot Over the Collar/A-Job Hunting We will GoEdit

A Royal Pain/Nothing to Sneeze AtEdit

Country Club Chaos/You Dirty RatEdit

This Little Piggy's on TV/Fencer's Freaky FridayEdit

Legal Beagles/Bon Voyage, RockiEdit

Russian thru New York/Fritz-Carlos Bombs OutEdit

  • In the Radio City Music Hall, as Fencer compliments the symphonic music during the drama, as Vladimir says that Stravinsky makes better music. however, the dognapper tries to target Vladimir but grabs Fencer, after seeing Fencer, the Dognapper tosses Him back, and ruins the performance the actors were doing. Foofur and the others take their leave to escape capture as the guards go after them.

New TricksEdit

Mad Dogs and EnglishmenEdit

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