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Andrew Escrow

Andrew Escrow is the son of the shopper keeper of Escrow Time Savers, the nephew of Mrs. Escrow and a minor recurring fan-made character.


Andrew Escrow is a small boy who is 2 ft 4 inches. He wears a pink jacket with a red collar, a red "A" design on it and white sleeves; a red pair of pants and black shoes. He also has short, orange hair and brown eyes.


Andrew Escrow is very clever despite his age. He is also close to his pet dog, Jessica. He also loves dogs and cats and can tell whether a cat or dog is good or bad. Whenever he hears Pepe barking, Andrew will be the first to quickly warn Foofur and the others about Pepe's presence. He sometimes tends to forget Foofur's name.


J. Ellington Escrow: Father and inventor of the Barker Watch who entrusts his son with his invention.

Jessica: Pet dog who is very close to him.

Mrs. Escrow: Aunt who doesn't know about Andrew's invention.


Foofur and friends: View Andrew as a trustworthy friend and are often helped by him. Usually refer to him as "Andy".


Pepe: Holds some ill will toward Andrew whenever Andrew is able to hide Foofur and the others.

Burt: Looks down on Andrew and his father as commoners.

Rat Pack: Andrew is highly afraid of rats.


Vinnie and the Cat Pack: While Andrew holds no ill will towards Vinnie due to the fact that Vinnie has a wife and kittens, Andrew is overprotective when it comes to Fencer and his family.


Andrew Escrow carries the Barker Watch, invented by his father, that gives him the ability to communicate with dogs and cats and visa versa.


Andrew is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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