Annabell is a Myopic Ghost-White Old English Sheepdog with white scalp/ears and stomach. black eyes, (Blue irises in Season 2) who wears a Red/Pink Ribbon around Her neck. the reason She's myopic, is because Her hair is mostly in the way of Her eyes. She's also Girlfriend to Louis.

Main AppearancesEdit

  • Mad Dogs and Englishmen - She was captured by an England spy after trying to free Her friend Lulu from the Bowser Busters, and was used as an unwilling Courier for Counterfeiters.
  • Winging It - Annabell nurtured a Pink Chick, which grew into a big chicken.
  • Annabell goes Punk - in hopes of getting Louis' Attention, Annabell with the help of the girls, had a makeover, but when it didn't work, She went to a doggie stylist, and had a flashy punk appearance getting attention from a flashy dog and His friends at the Lavender Loft.
  • Annabell Gets Framed - after Mrs. Escrow's glasses fell in front of Annabell's eyes, helping Her vision, the Gang decides to get Her some glasses.


Punk Appearance - Seen exclusively in Annabell goes Punk. Her Scalp, Ears, and Tail is colored pink, yellow, and magenta. Her neck ribbon is orange, wears a bracelet around each of Her paws, the spot on Her back is magenta, and Her stomach is colored navy-blue.

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  • In the Italian Version, Annabell's name is Camilla.