Character Edit

Burlon is a Cool-Grey Afghan puppy wearing a light-green beret He got from His Grandfather, along with a dark-red bowtie. Of course, Burlon doesn't have many friends. He also happens to be Burt's half-sized Nephew.


His personality is that He easily gets shy and loves to paint, whether it's oil, watercolor, or acrylic. of course, He sometimes use big words. but, He'll get angry if anyone touches the beret or when His art skills are insulted. However, He is deathly afraid of rodents like Mice and Rats

Family Edit

  • Spectre - Father
  • Sylvia - Mother
  • Mosaic - Little Sister
  • Burt - Uncle/Painting Teacher

Friends Edit

  • Celia - Love Interest
  • Pam - Friend
  • Brenda - Friend

Skills Edit

Despite His sheltered life, Burlon is skilled at playing a guitar. He's also a moderate when it comes to His skill of painting.


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