Burt, an Afghan Hound/Wolfhound mix, made His first appearance in Foofur Falls in Love. in most cases Burt antagonizes Foofur. and unlike Foofur and His gang, He has an owner, named Lance Lyons.

Appearances Edit

  1. Foofur Falls in Love - Plays an Antagonistic role.
  2. Thicker than Water -
  3. Hot Over the Collar - Has a minor role as one of the contestants of the fake dog show.
  4. Country Club Chaos -
  5. Friend Foofur's Foul-Up - Noticing Foofur traded places with Old Blueblood, Burt was intent on ruining His reputation, just to be Top Dog of the Happy Glen Country Club.
  6. Tooth or Consequences - Challenged Foofur's friends to a Tug-of-War in Willowby Park.
  7. Weekend in the Condo - Has a Non-Antagonistic Role.

Comics Information Edit

  • Issue 1 - Played a Minor role in "A Curly Tale"
  • Issue 6 - Plays a Main Role in "The Outcast"


Models and RoughsEdit

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