The Cat Quartet are Minor Antagonists in My Pharaoh Lady. They may sing like in a barber shop quartet, but Their attitudes are nasty, when They try to keep Fencer out of romancing Cleo. and when They try to muscle out Fencer again, They back off when Foofur comes to aid the physically-weak cat.

Members Edit

  • A Gray Scottish Fold/Snowshoe-Mix Cat with a white scalp, muzzle, stomach, foot paws, and mane. with jungle-green eyes and a thin tail.
  • A Brutish Dark-Blue Cat with a gray muzzle, white stomach and head hair, and a thin tail. His eyes under His head hair is green.
  • A Fat Lemon-Yellow Cat with a bushy, thick tail. with white face, muzzle, stomach and tail tip.
  • A Thin Auburn Cat with dark-brown stripes, with a peach muzzle, and jungle-green eyes.

Gallery Edit