Biography Edit

A Basset Hound whose owner is Ms. Bloom, who owns a flower shop. despite being the same height as Rocki, She is the object of Burt's and Foofur's affections.

Cartoon Appearances Edit

  • A Clean Sweep (Cameo)
  • Foofur Falls in Love (Official Debut)
  • Thicker than Water
  • Nothing to Sneeze at (Mentioned)
  • Country Club Chaos
  • Legal Beagles
  • Tooth or Consequences
  • Annabell Punks Out
  • A Night at the Condo (Final Appearance)

Comic Appearances Edit

  • Issue #1 - "A Curly Tale"
  • Issue #3 - "History Defeats Itself!"
  • Issue #6 - "The Outcast"

Gallery Edit

Models and Roughs Edit

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