Cleo brings Fencer to Egypt so She can introduce Him to Her family, whose owners are about to be impovershed by a greedy landlord.


Upon arriving at Egypt via airplane, Foofur, along with Fencer, Cleo, Fritz-Carlos, and Hazel come out to see the sights of Cleo's birthplace.


Quotes Edit

(When Fencer says His final good-bye to Cleo...)

Fencer: Well, Cleo... I guess this will be the last time We'll see each other, since Your parents hate Me--

Bastet: Hate You? Why would We hate You?

Khepri: You tried to save Our home, You gave the crooked man what He deserved, and You're friends with canines.

Fencer: Well, no less than Seven.

Bastet: In fact, We're more than happy to look forward to Our daughter's wedding with You.

Khepri: I only wish We'd find some potential brides for Cleo's underconfident brothers.

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