Cleo tells Fencer that the both of them are going to become Parents!


Morning has come at the Mansion and inside Fencer's room, He was the first to wake up. when He saw Cleo asleep next to him, He reminisces the time She first met Cleo and Their adventure in the museum. Then, Vera comes inside and tells them that Mrs. Escrow is coming in. Fencer also hears Pepe coming and they go to the basement, as The dogs hide in their hiding places while Pepe searches. After Mrs. Escrow and Pepe leave, Vera asks why Cleo is staying in the mansion as four kittens in the shadows listen In through the basement window. Fencer then explains to Vera that it takes place before She was born. After the Caviar Corsair incident. Cleo explains that She’ll have kittens in a few weeks, which surprises Fencer offers Lunch inside. after a hearty lunch, with Cleo eating more than normal, as Fencer tries everything to keep Cleo out of harm’s way. after a montage, Cleo also announces to Fencer and says that She's going to have kittens any day, which surprises Fencer, who had forgotten about it. Hours later, Fencer wakes up to see Foofur and the others getting food for Her as Louis goes to the junkyard to get a cardboard box and Foofur sees Fencer awake, and tells the cat to stay to watch over Cleo while Rocki keeps watches for Escrow and Pepe.

Unknown to the others, Ralph listens in and reports back to the Cat Pack, saying that Fencer is going to be a Dad, as Vinnie asks who the Mom is. Ralph says that He doesn't know, but says That He'll go back and make certain. Vinnie then tells the Cat Pack to check the mansion. At the mansion at night, Cleo is sound asleep with Fencer watching as He falls asleep, in a dream sequence, Cleo and Fencer are dancing in a tango and merge into a violet and black egg and it hatches into a two kittens, One is a female version of Fencer and the the other is a male version of Cleo. the eggshells then become Fencer and Cleo and embrace Their potential kittens. Fence wakes up and sees Cleo in pain. Fencer then calls for the Foofur and the others for help as Cleo goes into a cardboard box to rest. Soon, Vinnie checks the windows and sees Fencer getting worried. Then, one of the cats see the dogs hold a box containing Cleo And reports to Vinnie. After getting the Details, Vinnie was about to go to the mansion to attack Cleo, but wouldn’t since Viola (Vinnie’s Wife) tasks him and the rest of His gang to videotape their kittens’ opening their eyes for the first time. At night, Cleo is now relaxed, and is alongside four kittens as Fencer sheds tears of joy.