Cleo has come to the mansion, and tells Fencer that the both of them are going to become Parents!


Morning has come at the Mansion and as Fencer was the first to wake up, He hears a creak in the living room and He slowly comes down and sees Cleo asleep. Fencer then thought about letting Her sleep. but just as He goes up to go back to sleep, He sees the Rat Brothers about to pull Cleo's whiskers painfully, Fencer shouts, waking Cleo, as She attacks the Rats, forcing them to run for it. Cleo thanks Fencer for the wake-up call and before She answers why She came, Fencer hears Pepe coming and He informs Foofur that Pepe is coming as Fencer and Cleo exit the mansion. The dogs hide in their hiding places while Pepe searches. Outside, Fencer offers to show around Willowby, which Cleo accepts. At the Sardine Factory, Fencer offers Lunch inside, Cleo agreed. after a hearty lunch, They leave to avoid being detected by the workers. in a montage, Fencer shows Cleo the Willowby Fairgrounds where They enjoy watching some cats juggling fishes. and Willowby Park, where They look at the clouds then They go to an arcade after closing. They enjoyed the games there. including Meteorites, Wham-a-Gopher, Skyball, and the Tango-for-Two Game, where They danced away.

The next morning, Fencer and Cleo are asleep, Fencer hears someone coming in the arcade. He wakes Cleo as they both escape through the side window. Upon returning to the mansion, Fencer is commended by Foofur for warning them about Pepe yesterday. Cleo also announces to Fencer and says that She's going to have kittens, which surprises everyone, Fencer most of all, who is told that He's going to be a Dad. which made Him faint a few seconds later. Hours later, Fencer wakes up to see Foofur and the others getting food for Her as Louis goes to the junkyard to get a cardboard box and Foofur sees Fencer awake, and tells the cat to stay to watch over Cleo while Rocki keeps watches for Escrow and Pepe.

Unknown to the others, Vera who was about to visit the mansion was listening in, and tells Her Parents about it at the Cat Pack Shack. Vinnie then tells the rest of the Cat Pack that He wants to congratulate a fellow cat who is about to become a Dad. Vincent then asks, who the Dad-to-be is. Vera tells Her brother that it's a black cat with a bandage on His head. Knowing that it's Fencer, Vinnie disregards what He was going to do. but Viola holds Him to congratulate Fencer.

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