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The Only Feline in Foofur's gang. A Black Cat who claims to be a pro at karate, but is an amateur. He's mostly bullied by other Cats (Like Vinnie and the Cat Pack) and most Dogs (Besides Foofur and His gang) but He is mostly bullied by the Rat Brothers. also, He's a bad singer as hinted in Foofur Falls in Love, My Pharaoh Lady, and Fencer gets Soul. In the third episode, His horrible singing cause the living room TV to explode, and a bunch of dishes falling down from the cabinet. In Just Bumming Around, He knows the town of Willowby like the back of His hand. but His limber body is enough to even get through any door's mail slot. Whenever He sleeps, He quietly shouts "Hyah" in lieu of snoring. Like Fritz-Carlos, Fencer can also stand on his hind legs, making him more anthropomorphic. His Cat-like Yowls (Which sound like Azreal from the Smurfs) were provided by Don Messick

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Fencer is an Oriental Shorthair Cat with white paws, stomach, and scalp. His scalp is black in most Season 2 episodes.

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Fencer in most Season 2 appearances.

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  • In Look Homeward, Foofur, Fencer was the first to join Foofur's gang.
  • Fencer is probably based on Buchi from the Japanese Story, Rudolf to Ippaiattena.
  • IN the Italian Version, Fencer's name was Attila.