Foofur Vol 1 2

Released October, 1987

Story One, Unreal EstateEdit

Foofur and the Gang move the Furniture in crazy places to get rid of Mrs. Escrow's potential buyers, but the plan backfires when a Weird Man likes the way the furniture is arranged.

Story Two, Costume Canine CaperEdit

The Rat Brothers use a Dog costume to gain secrets on how to remove Foofur and the gang, but things go awry when the Dogcatchers capture them while in the dog costume!

Story Three, Quake My Day! (1-Page) Edit

Fencer panics when an Earthquake hits, but It's really Louis who lifted up the house to help Annabell retrieve Her ball.

Story Four, User UnfriendlyEdit

The Mayor fires Mel and Harvey as Dog Catchers with a Robot called 4-D, who can capture dogs super fast!

Trivia Edit

In "Costume Canine Caper", Foofur's gang plays a game of Monopoly.