A list of fan made Foofur bloopers and outtakes by CartoonLover and Rigsrigsrigs10918

Season 1Edit

A Little Off the TopEdit

AS the Rat Brothers with a hose nears Fencer's room, Baby notices that the hose sprung a leak. making Sammy and Chucky trip.

In Fritz-Carlos' dream, Fritz-Carlos enters with a clown wig instead of his hair.

In the scene where Foofur and the gang check on Fritz-Carlos, Fritz-Carlos can be seen singing "Old Time Rock and Roll" a la Risky Business. Fritz-Carlos then notices the camera and blushes as the others break character and laugh.

In the scene where Foofur finds Fritz-Carlos in the bathroom, Fritz-Carlos is seen talking on the phone to a friend that he's going to the opera with Hazel. Foofur then asks the director if they can take five.

A Clean SweepEdit

After Fencer was through the chimney, He was flown, impacting Foofur, causing Him to become queasy. Fencer asks Foofur if they should takr a break.

A Moving ExperienceEdit

As Foofur checked the basement after Rocki fell inside, They see Rocki with Her ankle twisted. The director wraps bandages around Rocki's ankle and tells the camera to cut.

Dogstyles of the Rich and FamousEdit

During Her tango with Fritz-Carlos, azle accidentally hugs Him to hard, causing His back to crack. Hazel notices and screams for someone to call an ambulance.

When Louis bites down on the cage to free Dobkins, His tooth hurts and screams, "Ow! My filling! someone get My dentist!"

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