(A Red Paw Print zooms in and zooms out to see the Bowser Busters Van) Uh oh (Foofur sees the Van turn a corner, and goes after it.) Let me introduce you to (Foofur goes through a fence board and somehow goes out a window, and walks a clothesline) The coolest dog I ever knew (Foofur comes out of a window above a grocery store and trampolines off a shading.) He's the best (Foofur jumps on a Skateboard and zooms off.) Above the rest (Foofur on the skateboard catches up to the Bowser Busters Van.) Get ready now, he's coming through (Foofur unlatches the back door, opening it.)

And he's Foofur... (Louis, Rocki, Two Fritz-Carlos, Two Burts, Dolly, Annabell, and Hazel escape the van.) my best friend (Scene changes to Foofur's group, and a zoom-in. the screen's top, middle, and lower sections sideway pans to the Mansion as We zoom in.) And he's Foofur... (Fencer faces the Rat Brothers and uses a karate chop, with a yellow thing obstructing it.) he is my friend. (The Rat Brother carry Fencer away to the left, as Hazel and Fritz-Carlos sleep, Louis chewing on a bone, Dolly tossing and falls asleep, and Foofur asleep with Rocki, who wakes up to see Mrs. Escrow approaching the front door. Rocki, Louis, Hazel, and Fritz-Carlos notices, and Annabell lifts up Her front hair and runs off.) And he's Foofur (Mrs. Escrow walks inside the mansion, as Foofur helps the other dogs leave by way of going through the vent.) Fooo-ooo-ooo-fer (Foofur's group excluding Foofur take a pose of singing a high note.)

Oh yeah (Foofur's face is seen and it zooms out into the second O in Foofur. while Foofur's group is seen, red paw prints appear on the scenery. the screen blacks out)

Other English Lyrics Edit

Theme One Edit

He's a Dog who (Indistinct) to do, He's Foofur. He's the finest dog that I ever knew, He's Foofur.

He's as sturdy as a wall, He will catch You if You fall, He is Foofur.

He's a Dog (Indistinct) He's Foofur. He's the one dog that You cannot escape, He's Foofur.

He's the greatest of them all, He makes other (indistinct) fall, He is Foofur.

(Indistinct) They can't get Foofur down...

They never seem to go Their way, 'cause He's the smartest dog in Town.

He is Foofur... (x3)

Theme Two Edit

Let Me introduce You to the goodest dog I ever Knew. (Foofur, Hello Foofur.)

You've never seen a dog so good/cool, there is nothing He can't do. (Foofur, Hello Foofur.)

Foofur: Come on, Troops. Here We go, Let's go watch the Foofur show.

All Your friends will join You...

Livin' with the Brothers Rat, fighting off the Alley Cats.

Foofur's My best friend.

Hello Foofur...

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