Foofur and the others try to save Rocki and Her young friends from a straycatcher.



"Am I Blue" sung by

Opening CreditsEdit

Warner Bros or Walt Disney Pictures Present

Based on the Characters by Phil Mendez

Foofur the Movie

Voice Talents (In Alphabetical Order)Edit

  • Dee Bradley Baker as Foofur's Father, Chucky the Rat, Yellow Henchcat (Ferdinand)
  • Lake Bell as Alexis
  • Michael Bell as Harvey
  • Gregg Berger as Mel
  • Susan Blu as Dolly
  • Pat Carroll as Hazel
  • Peter Cullen as Vinnie the Cat, Baby the Rat, Blue Henchcat (Ralph)
  • Melissa Disney as Foofur's Mother
  • Charity James as Viola the Cat
  • Jason Marsden as Orange Henchcat (Alphonse)
  • Jonathan Schmock as Fritz-Carlos
  • Cree Summer as Amelia Escrow
  • Susan Tolsky as Annabell
  • Chick Vennera as Sammy the Rat, Grey Henchcat (Rusty)
  • Frank Welker as Foofur, Tugboat,
  • Billy West as Fencer, Pepe,
  • Mae Whitman as Young Dolly, Rocki
  • Rick Zieff as Louis
  • Patric Zimmerman as Straycatcher

During the CreditsEdit

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