Gidget is a fan made character who is the daughter of Fencer and Cleo.


Gidget by poundpuppiesrock1991-d9w9ue8

Gidget, Fencer and Cleo's daughter

Gidget is a young kitten with purple fur, a white muzzle, a pink nose, a purple tail with a white tip and pink paws. She wears a white karate gi, bright pink pants, a yellow belt, and a red hair bow. She also has green eyes and lavender hair with a white stripe in the middle.


Gidget looks up to her father as a mentor. Sometimes, she would address him as "Sensei Daddy". Like her father, she loves martial arts training and is not afraid of mice. She would often spend time with her parents. She is also best friends with Rocki.


Gidget is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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