Jessica is the pet dog of Andrew Escort.
Jessica by poundpuppiesrock1991-d9za2q5



Jessica is a Hokkaido puppy who is a few inches shorter than Andrew. She has tan fur, short ears, white feet, and black hair. She wears a light blue and red striped shirt with purple sleeves, pink shorts and a dark pink bow in her hair.


Jessica is close to her owner, Andrew. Wherever Andrew goes, she follows him. It's likely because she has a special bond with Andrew the moment she was adopted. She loves listening to opera music and tends to break into a song or two. She is good friends with Rocki and Vincent. She is intimidated by Burt and Vinnie due to their mean nature.


Andrew Escrow: Owner whom she accompanies.


Rocki, Vincent and Aiko: Best friends whom she likes to hang out with.

Fritz-Carlos and Foofur: Role models whom she admires.


Burt: Mean-spirited whom Jessica is afraid of.

Vinnie: Feared because of his intimidating look.


Jessica is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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