Premise Edit

two kittens named Vincent and Vera, run away and hide in the Mansion, but Foofur and the others don't know that the two kittens, are two of Vinnie's children!

Plot Edit

Outside the Cat Pack's hideout, A Siamese Cat, Viola, wants Her two kittens Vincent and Vera to have some fun with Their father as She leaves. Vincent then rests next to one of the trash cans as Vera plays around. The Four Henchcats hear the playful yelling and come out to see the two kittens, who are looking for Their dad who lives in the shack. just as the rest of the Cat pack was about to attack Vincent, Vinnie told His pack not to harm a hair on Vincent or Vera's heads, which surprises them. Vincent then says that His Mom wanted His father to have some quality time for a few days as She goes to a musical event. And just as Vincent was about to ask His father to play, Vinnie has His allies get ready to attack the pizza restaurant, making Vincent and Vera feel unappreciated and leave the hideout. at a dark street, the kittens encounter a couple of Dobermans, and They were about to corner and eat Vera, Vincent claws one of them in the forehead and both kittens ran for dear life.

Vincent sees a house's window, and They both go inside the house which is Foofur's mansion and in a panic hides in a closet. The Rat Brothers see Vera, and plan to torment Her, but Vincent plays tag with the brothers, and they panic, when They think Vincent was gonna eat them, He lets them go. making Fencer surprised, When Foofur's group came by, however, Vincent shows His claws threatening them. Fencer calmly assures Vincent that They won't hurt Him, of course, Vincent refuses to believe Him. and just as Foofur asks around the town by howling wonder if Vincent is homeless or not. When Vincent says that His Father is Vinnie, The Dogs throw Him out the living room door.

Vincent then shouts loud that He'll declare war on Foofur's group, but, when He sees the Dobermans, He tries to get back inside, even kicking the locked door while Hazel tells Vincent to stop breaking down the door. As Vera comes down, She hears Her brother scream for help and sees the Dobermans getting closer and spotting Vincent. So, Vera gets to the living room, gets past the dogs (even so much as clawing Fritz-Carlos' face, to make Him let go of Her tail) and manages to unlock the door allowing Vincent to get inside, and re-locking it, seconds before the dobermans crash into the door. However, as most of the dogs advance on the Kittens, Foofur tells the others to back away. Just as Vincent was about to fight, Hazel informs the others that two dobermans are outside, and Mrs. Escrow's car is approaching, Foofur realizes that Mrs. Escrow will think something's up when She sees the dobermans. Foofur tells the others to hide in the attic. Mrs. Escrow sees the dobermans and shoos them away, warning them that They will summon the animal shelter. She then notices the damage, and decides to hire a handyman to repair the door. back at the hideout, The Cat Pack return with a pizza box, but Vinnie becomes nervous when His son and daughter weren't there. He sees the drawing, but realized that since He didn't give His kittens the quality time They hungered for, He tells the others to stay and warm up the pizza, as He goes to search for Vincent and Vera.

Hours later, After Mrs. Escrow pays the handyman for the repairs and leaves, In the Attic, Fritz-Carlos and Louis then tells Vincent and Vera to leave. Vera then berated the dogs for locking out Her big brother, leaving Him to nearly be mauled, which makes Her realize that Dad was right about Dogs being evil as Foofur chastised Louis and Fritz-Carlos for putting Vincent in danger and trying to stop Vera from rescuing Him. Vera then asks Fencer on Why He prefers the company of Six bully dogs instead of other cats. Fencer said it's because They're kindhearted. Vincent then becomes bewildered and goes on the piano and explains what happened between being ignored by His father and encountering the dobermans. as He dances on the piano. afterwards, He and Vera leave through the attic window after telling Fencer that the more He trusts the dogs the bigger the shock when They turn on Him. the others feel bad for putting Vincent's life in danger, (Except Louis) So Fencer decides to follow them.

In a bad neighborhood, Vinnie is still searching for the kittens, as He continues to worry. Fencer sees Vincent and Vera at Willowby Park and they have a conversation. during the conversation, Fencer sees one of the Dobermans, with their cover blown, The Dobermans chase Fencer and Vincent as Vera climbs up a tree, holding off the dobermans with acorns and tree bark. but before the Dobermans could maul Vincent, Foofur and the others tell the Dobermans to back off. and just as They refused, Vinnie and the Cat Pack attack the dobermans and The Rogue Canines run away crying, knowing that Vinnie is one of Willowby's tough cats. afterwards, Vincent sees this and realized that not all dogs are bad. as Vera is gently let down by Hazel and Annabell. Vincent and Vera then comes to Their father and tearfully apologized for running away, but Vinnie prefers to apologize for not being around as a parent, Vinnie sees Foofur and calmly offers some gratitude to Foofur for keeping Vincent and Vera out of harm's way, as Vera without being seen by His father waves to Foofur's group. the next day, at Willowby Park, Vincent and Vera is fishing with Their mother and father, As Foofur and the others watch from far away, He says that some cats like Vinnie may be Cold-hearted, but He's the Best Dad Vincent and Vera will ever get.


Vincent and Vera encounter the Cat PackEdit

Ralph: Look, I'm just saying that some mutt just called Me and the others, Well... It starts with "M" (The others react.) As a matter of fact-- (Notices Vincent and Vera) Hey, guys. look there.

Ferdinand: Two Kittens.

Rusty: You there! What are You doing here?

Vincent: We're waiting for daddy to come.

Vera: Yeah, Where's Daddy?

Alphonse: There's no one here named "Daddy". and if You refuse to leave--

Vinnie - Vince. Vera. how are You?

Vincent/Vera: Daddy!

Ferdinand: Daddy?

Vinnie: Yeah. I'm Their Dad. what's wrong with that?

(Vincent encounter Foofur's Group and...)Edit

Foofur: Fencer, I heard yowling did the Rat Brothers-- a Kitten?

Vincent: Whoa! (hides behind Fencer as He hisses and claws at the Dogs but Vera looks at the dogs without fear.)

Fencer: Little Guy, It's okay. That's just Foofur. He's Harmless.

Vincent: Yeah, Right. Dogs only pretend to be harmless and the second Your guard is down, They'll maul You without a second thought. That's what My Dad said.

Foofur: Really? I'll be back in a few minutes to see if anyone knows of a runaway kitten and I'd like to say something to You afterward. (Goes upstairs.)

Hazel: Hmm. You kind of remind Me of a cat I encountered in the past.

Fencer: Hmm. By any chance You've heard of a cat named Vinnie?

Vincent: Vinnie? That a name My Dad's friends call Him.

Louis: Your Dad is VInnie? (Meowing and Barking is heard.)

Vincent: Hey, what are You-- Don't pull My tail! (Vincent is tossed out of the house.) Ugh. Dad was right. I mean, it's bad enough I was chased by a couple of dumb dobermans, (Shouting) but being booted out by a Traitorous Feline and a gang of Mangy Mongrels, I hope You get what You deserve, a life sentence in the Animal Shelter!

Foofur: Troops, why is Vincent outside?

Louis: Vincent said His Daddy was Vinnie, so We tossed Him out.

Foofur: What?!

Vincent tries desperately to get in the mansion and Vera comes to the rescue Edit

Vincent: Open the Door! (Bangs on the door)

Louis: Forget it, Kitty. Any friend or relative of Vinnie's is an adversary to Fencer and Us.

Foofur: Louis, be considerate and let Him in.

Vincent: Op...En... The... Door! (Kicks the Door.)

Hazel: Hey! Stop kicking the door.

Vincent: Why should I? there's no other way to escape from those mongrels outside. (proceeds to break down the door) I'll tear it down if I have to!

Vera: (Hiding under the sofa) Big Brother. (Goes to save Vincent to the kitchen, but Fritz-Carlos and Louis grab Her.) Let Go!

Vincent: Help!

Louis: I assume You're another of Vinnie's kids.

Vera: I said, "Let Go"! (She stomps Fritz-Carlos foot and bites Louis' paw making them let go of Vera.)

Louis: OUCH! (Vera gets to the door and unlocks it, allowing Vincent to get inside and re-locking the door to keep the Dobermans out.) She bit My paw!

Vera: and I'll do it 100 more times if You attempt to throw My brother out again.

Vincent plays with SammyEdit

Sammy: Okay. on the Count of One We grab that little Kitten's whiskers. (Chucky and Baby get ready.) One. (The Rats go charge in at Vera.)

Vincent: Huh? (Sees the Rat Brothers.) Ah! wind-up Mice. (goes after the Rat Brothers playfully.)

Sammy: Wha--? Brothers, Retreat! (Vincent grabs Sammy and plays with Him like if the Rat was a catnip mouse.) Great. caught by a kitten. and soon, I'll be inside His mouth where I might die from being inside His small stomach, before I get digested. (Vincent lets Him go.) Huh? Uh, Run! (runs away.)

Foofur confronts the Others Edit

Foofur: I can't believe You. You were going to let the dobermans turn Vincent into a chew toy?

Vera: And they tried to thwart Me from saving My brother.

Louis: But Vinnie is His Dad. and His sister bit Me.

Foofur: I don't care whose Dad He is. Do You know what would happen if Vince or Vera was seriously injured? Their dad wouldn't sit still. I'd expect that behavior from the rats, but from You...

Fritz-Carlos: and You two will leave and if You refuse--

Vincent: Go jump in a fire pit, Mongrel.

Vera: Eat Garlic, ya old Geezer.

Fritz-Carlos: Did You call Me a Mongrel?

Foofur: Lay off, Fritzy. Vincent, what happened between You and Vinnie?

Vincent: Well...

Fencer's Conversation with the kittens Edit

Vera - Fencer, how long have You worn that bandage?

Fencer - Bandage? No, No. That's a headband. keeps Your sweat off Your forehead.

Jp. Version Edit

Vera - Fencer, Are You a member of the Ouendan? (Cheer Squad)

Fencer - What? No, I don't make movements on timing.

Vinnie makes up with Vincent)Edit

Vinnie: Kids, I realized that I haven't been giving You much attention, but I want to make it up to You, somehow. (looks at Foofur.) Blue-face, I guess I should thank You and Your friends for keeping My two kittens out of harm's way. (He walks off with Vincent.) Vince, Vera, what do You say We go fishing tomorrow?

Vincent: Will Mom be with Us?

Vinnie: Ha ha ha. Sure.

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