Premise Edit

The Rat Brothers decide to help a kitten who just escaped from a laboratory.

Plot Edit

Fencer is looking up at the night sky, wondering what it would be like being the first Cat in Space. but as He was night-dreaming, He hears the meows from an American Shorthair kitten in front of the mansion, Fencer comes to the kittens' aid, and hides Her inside as a government van drives through. with the kitten out of harm's way, Fencer offers to help the little cat in any way possible, the Kitten introduces herself as One-Nine-Eight-Six, but was originally called Clove. She explains to Fencer why They were hiding from the government, and how they were taken away. the Rat Brothers listen in while Sammy checks their wrist pulses as the Kitten said that two scientists are looking for test subjects for a scientific pursuits and They took away the newborn kitten despite the protests of Her Owners. how She escaped, was that She pretending to be asleep, then escaping their captivity when the van stops at a gas station. Fencer sheds tears as Sammy does the same and says They aren't lying.


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