A Brown/Black Tortoiseshell Cat with a small peach muzzle with green eyes. but She was declawed.


Lacey, like the rest of the Cat Pack's wives, doesn't mind living alongside dogs, but She does badger Her Husband Ferdinand to lose weight, since She lives in a lighthouse, whose owner fishes on weekdays.



Lacey was born at the Willowby Animal Hospital, and Her family's home was a fish market, whose owner feeds them trout and catfish, causing Her to get fat. and during Her lifestyle, She encounters Ferdinand, who was enticed to Her emerald eyes, but She rejected His feelings, because He was a stray.


Her Owner was sent to a retirement home, and their home lost. but rather than lose Her lifestyle, Lacey's family took up residence in the abandoned lighthouse, in the cat years that followed, acey slimmed down. while looking at the view of the town of Willowby, She sees Ferdinand and sees it as a challenge to make Ferdinand less fat, and She marries Her after Ferdinand offers a bouquet of Fish to Lacey.


Lacey gives birth to Two Male Kittens, and a girl kitten six months later, and She had hoped that Her Husband Ferdinand would help prepare them for the future.

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