This Page features the Locations and places in the Town of Willowby and beyond.

Places in Willowby Edit

  • 32 Maple Street - The Mansion for sale where Foofur and the gang live in.
  • Beauty Parlor - A barber shop in Willowby.
  • Pavlov Clinic - A Pet Clinic owned by Dr. Pavlov.
  • Mrs. Escrow's House -
  • Cashflow Mansion - Home of J.P. Cashflow, and home of a St Bernard named Dobkins,
  • Flower Shop - Dolly's Owner's place of Business and home.
  • Happy Valley Obedience School -
  • Ye Olde Pawn Shoppe - A place of Business where a pink Poodle named Lucy lives.
  • Willowby Shipyard -
  • Happy Hunting Employment Center - An Odd Jobs place where Otto works and lives in.
  • Willowby Sardine Factory - a Sardine packaging Plant where Fencer went while searching for the Persian Kitten.
  • Buckaroo Car Ranch -
  • Trainyard -
  • Town Cemetery -
  • Fire Station -
  • Willowby Fairgrounds -
  • Willowby Airport -
  • Willowby Convention Center -
  • Willowby Arms Hotel
  • Museum
  • Vinnie's Shack - Vinnie's home and meeting place for the Cat Pack.
  • WTV Station
  • Happy Glen Country Club
  • Willowby Aquarium
  • Willowby Park - A small forest park where Foofur's gang (excluding Fencer) faced against Burt and the Swells in a game of Tug-of-War.
  • The Lavender Loft - An Exclusive Club where hip people and their pets socialize.
  • Burt's Condo - A Condo where Burt and His Owner lives in.
  • Willowby Doughnuts -A Doughnut Shop.
  • The Sewers -
  • Uptown Clubhouse - a Clubhouse owned by three uptown pups.
  • Abandoned Dog Pound - A dilapidated dog pound where Rocki encountered Harry.
  • Dr. Blinker's Eye Clinic -

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