Mariah is light-taupe/white Ragdoll Cat with blue eyes.


Despite being married to Alphonse of the Cat Pack, Mariah, like all the wives of the Cat Pack, are considerate, even to dogs. She enjoys adventures and climbing trees, ever since She was a kitten.



Mariah was born in Willowby Park, by Her parents. Soon after, She and Her family was adopted by a Video Game Tester, where She became obsessed with adventures after seeing Her testing video games. soon afterward, Her Parents had another kitten, they named Artichoke (Artie for short.) some time later She and Artie enrolled in an obedience school for cats. during Her education, She encountered Alphonse being chased by some dogs. the dogs infiltrated the Cat obedience school, and caused chaos. no one was heavily injured, but Mariah soon took a liking to Alphonse.


A year after Mariah and Artie graduated, Their mother died from an unknown cause, a few months later, Mariah married Alphonse, which Artie disapproved, but Their Dad didn't mind.


A few more months later, She gave birth to Two Kittens, which They named Alyson and Malcolm. She prefers to have them inside their home, where They can prepare for the future and avoid contact with any canines until They are mature enough.

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