VHS MediaEdit


Star Comics/Marvel Edit

La Giornalino Edit


  • Foofur Saves the Day

Voice ActorsEdit

Both SeasonsEdit

  • Michael Bell as Harvey
  • Susan Blu as Dolly
  • William Callaway as Burt
  • Hamilton Camp
  • Pat Carroll as Hazel, Abigail, Ethyl, Queenie.
  • Peter Cullen as Baby, Vinnie, Max
  • Jennifer Darling as
  • David Doyle as Mel
  • Miriam Flynn as
  • Dick Gautier as Louis, Mr. Caboodle (Alone at Last, Dahling), Fish Truck Driver (Fencer Finds a Family)
  • Jonathan Harris as Lance Lyons (Burt's Owner)
  • Christina Lange as Rocki
  • Allan Melvin as Chucky
  • Don Messick as Pepe
  • Lynne Moody as
  • Jonathan Schmock as Fritz-Carlos
  • Susan Silo as Mrs. Escrow
  • Susan Tolsky as Annabell
  • Chick Vennera as Sammy
  • Frank Welker as Foofur, Plane Patron (from Mad Dogs and Englishmen)
  • Eugene Williams as Fencer

Season One OnlyEdit

  • Jered Barclay as
  • Arthur Burghardt as
  • Victoria Carroll as
  • Danny Cooksey as
  • Linda Dangcil as
  • Casey Ellison as
  • John Erwin as
  • June Foray as
  • Melanie Gaffin as
  • Arte Johnson as
  • Keland Love as
  • Kenneth Mars as
  • Pedro Montero as
  • Frank Nelson as Dr. Pavlov
  • Nicholas Omana as
  • Josh Rodine as
  • Mark Taylor as

Season Two OnlyEdit

  • David Ackroyd as
  • Roscoe Lee Browne as
  • Cheryl Chase as
  • Jim Cummings as Announcer from "Clothes Make the Dog", Lead Scat Cat from "Fencer gets Soul"
  • Leo DeLyon as
  • Walker Edmiston as
  • George Furth as
  • Henry Gibson as
  • Scott Grimes as
  • Edan Gross as
  • Phil Hartman as
  • Jerry Houser as Killer
  • Vincent Howard as
  • Aron Kincaid as Bruiser from "The Nose Knows"
  • Allan Lurie as
  • Jim MacGeorge as
  • Robert Mandan as
  • Terence McGovern as
  • Brian Mitchell as
  • Pat Musick as
  • Louis Nye as
  • Rob Paulsen as
  • Percy Rodrigues as
  • Alexandra Stoddart as Pam/Celia from "Scary Harry"
  • Larry Storch as
  • Sal Viscuso as
  • B.J. Ward as
  • Lennie Weinrib as

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