This page would have plenty of coloring pages, and some puzzles. along with changes to the story.

  1. Fencer hears singing
  2. (Activity - Maze) Guide Fencer to the source of the singing.
  3. (Activity - Connect the Dots) Connect the dots to help Fencer see what the four cats were singing to.
  4. Fencer sings as the Four Cats plug their ears from Fencer's sour note.
  5. Fencer is theown far away by the Four Cats.
  6. Fencer explains that He's fallen in love with A Girl Cat.
  7. (Activity - Word Search) Help Fencer find some gifts for The Girl Cat.
  8. Fencer sings a sour note as the four cats are about to attack Fencer, but the Big one is drenched with a water balloon.
  9. The Four Cats run as Foofur throws water balloons at them.
  10. Fencer sings to The Girl Cat, but a bar of soap goes in Fencer's stomach, as She watches.
  11. The Girl Cat comes and sees Foofur trying to remove the bar of soap from Fencer's stomach.
  12. The Girl Cat Apologizes for what Her owner, an Archaeologist, did.
  13. (Activity - Find-It) Check the hearts wach with a letter around The Girl Cat to figure out Her name. (Don't be misled by hearts that are upside-down!)
  14. (Activity - Maze) Guide Cleo and Fencer to the Willowby Museum.
  15. Cleo shows Fencer around the Museum.
  16. Fencer imagines Himself and Cleo as rulers of Egypt. (Activity - Connect the Dots) connect the dots to find out what structure Fencer and Cleo are behind.
  17. Fencer and Cleo see inside the Sarcophagus of Catsupsu, which looks just like Fencer.
  18. Fencer explains His friendship with Foofur and the others, exciting Cleo.
  19. (Activity - Find-It) Check the kitchen to find food for Fencer.
  20. Cleo invites all of Fencer's friends to come to the Museum.
  21. The Gang are surprised to see that Catsupsu and Fencer Look exactly the same.
  22. The Archaeologist falls into Catsupsu's Sarcophagus after failing to capture Foofur and the others which is ruined.
  23. (Activity - Word Search) Help Fencer realize what will be awaiting Him by searching words associated with coming along on the Egyptian Exhibit tour.
  24. Cleo brings Fencer to the hotel as Fencer waves to Foofur and the others.
  25. Cleo is ready to introduce Her owner to Fencer...
  26. But the Archaeologist who is looking for a replacement for Catsupsu, grabs Fencer as Cleo runs for it. but a flash of light is seen.
  27. Cleo listens as The Archaeologist plans to wrap Fencer like a mummy.
  28. (Activity - Maze) Help Cleo get to the Mansion to warn Foofur and the others.
  29. Foofur and the others help Fencer escape the Archaeologist.
  30. As He is shut in Catsupsu's Sarcophagus.
  31. Fencer and the others tearfully wave goodbye to Cleo, thinking She'll go back to Egypt.
  32. But, Cleo says to Fencer that She's decided to stay in Willowby, making Fencer shed tears of joy.
  33. Cleo kisses Fencer making Him imagine one last vision.
  34. (Activity - Color by Number) Color the page by numbers to reveal Fencer, Cleo and Their Kittens that They might have in the future.

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