Premise Edit

An Eccentric Cat tries to fix Fencer's horrible singing, while visiting Willowby.

Plot Edit

A Slow truck is approaching the Town of WIllowby, as Two Middle-Aged Cats (Staccato and Tuplet) with three of their Kittens get off and enjoying the sights as the Male Cat feels nostalgic, feeling that nothing much has happened. but when He hears an off-key meow, He notices that the source is at a mansion. So, He and His family come here and Tuplet stops Her husband and points at a sign that says "For Sale". Fencer and Cleo look through the window and see Staccato and Tuplet. They come out as Staccato demands to know if any bad singers live here. Fencer feeling offended, defends Himself and sings horribly, causing Staccato's tail fur to become bristly, and Tuplet's whiskers to become crooked. Staccato muffles Fencer's mouth and declares that Fencer will be HIs greatest challenge.

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