Fencer aids Vincent on why the kitten wasn't invited to Nunzia's yacht party.


At the Mansion, Fencer is watching TV with the kittens, but their enjoyment was interrupted by Vincent and Vera's arrival. Fencer sees Vincent furious and muttering quietly, then He asks Vincent why He's angry. He doesn't reply but Vera explains to Fencer that Her brother wasn't invited to Nunzia's Yacht Party. Fencer asks Vincent why he wasn't invented to Nunzia's party. Vincent said that He doesn't know. Fencer remembers back to the Clawing competition, Vincent was one of the competitors, and won. encer suggests talking to Nunzia, but Vincent says the party is for those who have an Invitation. Foofur and Fencer offer to help out, and They ask Vincent where the party is. Vincent says that the party is at the Willowby Shipyard.

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