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Pepe (sometimes pronounced Peppy) is an ill-tempered Brown Chihuahua who belongs to Mrs. Escrow. Pepe almost always tries to expose Foofur and His friends to His owner, but always failed




  • A Little off the Top -
  • A Clean Sweep -
  • A Moving Experience -
  • The Last Resort -
  • Thicker than Water -
  • A-Job Hunting We will Go - He turns to Foofur and the others to help pay a $100 for the house tax, just so He can be fed by His owner.
  • Nothing to Sneeze At -
  • You Dirty Rat -
  • Legal Beagles (Supporting Character) -
  • Pepe's Pet Peeve (Main Character) -
  • Clothes Make the Dog (Main Character) - Pepe falls head over heels for Brigette and Foofur offers to help Him.
  • My Pharaoh Lady -
  • What Price Fleadom - Tried to expose Foofur's gang, and when He locates Hazel, He was attacked by the Circus fleas, causing Mrs. Escrow to summon the Exterminator.
  • Winging It -
  • Alone at Last, Dahling -
  • Just Like Magic -
  • Bye Bye Birdie -
  • Annabell gets Framed -
  • Look Homeward, Foofur -

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