A Joke War between the Kitten Pack and Uptown Club is on the Rise, so Rocki and Vincent try to quell both sides, but a caricaturist's puppy is intent on keeping the conflict alive.

Plot Edit

Rocki and Foofur are resting at Willowby Park, but Rocki wakes to see Jacob (One of the Kitten Pack) pulling a wagon full of bags of cat food.) She wakes Foofur and tells Him that He'll follow Jacob and find out what's going on. a few minutes later, Rocki sees Jacob get to the Uptown Clubhouse and tosses Bags of Cat Food at the Clubhouse's window then makes a run for it. Rocki then runs back to Foofur and explains what happened. a few screams have been heard, and the Uptown Club's Pam elia and Brenda are trying to track down Jacob. Pam then has Rocki aid in the search, a few minutes later They come across the Willowby Shipyard, and They locate a dilapidated houseboat, where the Kitten Pack lives. Just as Rocki suggests to speak with the kitten pack and explain what happened, Pam interrupts and demands and shouts at the Jacob to come out.

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