Vinnie enlists a couple of Cats who just escaped from the pound in His group, however the same cats run off and hide out in Foofur's mansion for a reason...


At Night, after Two cats escape from an animal shelter, They hide behind a shack, and rested up for the night. but when They wake up, They see Vinnie who demanded to know who the two of Them are. The Male introduces Himself as Setzer, as the Female introduces Herself as Lucky. Setzer tells Vinnie that Lucky needs entry to a house. Vinnie beams and says that They'll be a great help for His new plan.

At Foofur's Mansion, Foofur wakes up after hearing Fencer singing horribly, He goes upstairs and sees Him sleep-talking. Foofur wakes Him, and tells Fencer that He was singing horribly again, and while He was asleep. Fencer apologizes and rests up on the sofa in the living room. Morning came, and at Vinnie's Shack, He gives the Cat Pack, including Lucky and Setzer, the assignment of going to the fish market. However, The two leave when Lucky was in pain. Later, as Foofur and the others go to a restaurant, He sees Lucky and Setzer get inside the house. As the Cat Pack continue to search for Foofur's hiding place, Setzer approaches the mansion, via the doggie door, and searches the house. He sees Fencer and Rocki and asks them if He and Lucky can stay for a few hours. Fencer accepts, making Rocki bewildered. Setzer motions Lucky to come inside. and when Fencer sees an exhausted Lucky, Setzer explains that She's going to be a Mom, making Fencer and Rocki think that Kittens will be born soon. Fencer tells Rocki to tell Foofur the situation and get Him to go to Warehouse 34, after the concert.


  • The names of Vinnie's Cat Pack are named Alphonse (Orange Cat), Ferdinand (Yellow Cat), Ralph(Blue Cat), and Rusty (Gray Cat)