The Cat Pack is a group of five Cats, led by Vinnie.

Appearances Edit

  • The Last Resort - Vinnie along with three of them, (excluding the blue one) chased after Rocki, until Bogey came to help.
  • Thicker than Water - The yellow one chased Lucy, then Foofur, but He and Vinnie leave when they got wet.
  • A Royal Pain - They chased Fencer and Rocki for using their shortcut, but They back off when Abigail shooed them away to protect Fencer.
  • Nothing to Sneeze At - They and Vinnie chased Fencer for ruining their chance to steal fish from a fishman, and They went after Him again when He was in the trainyard.
  • Winging It - Three of them, (excluding the yellow one) Targeted a pink rooster Annabell nurtured.
  • Fencer Finds a Family - They enlist Fencer to distract a Fish Truck Driver, then lock up a guard dog to infiltrate an Aquarium.

Members Edit

  •  ???? - A Dark-Orange-Eyed Gray Cat with light-gray Muzzle and stomach. His Eyes are dark-green in Season 2. Voiced by Frank Welker.
  •  ???? - A Green-Eyed Golden Ochre Cat with Light Yellow tail tip, muzzle and stomach. Voiced by Frank Welker.
  •  ???? - A Green-Eyed Blue Chartreux Cat with Cyan stomach and muzzle. and two parts of His tail is furless. Voiced by Peter Cullen/Frank Welker.
  •  ???? - A Jungle-Green Eyes Orange Cat with light-orange stomach, scalp, and muzzle.

Trivia Edit

  • In The Last Resort, Three of the Cats (excluding Vinniie) had black Sclerae, and looked rough and scary.
  • In Thicker than Water, The Yellow Cat looked very muscular, but in later appearances, The yellow cat had a pudgy appearance.
  • In Season One, the Grey Cat had orange Sclerae, and in Season Two, His Eyes became Dark-Green.


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