This edition of the game is based on the Cartoon Foofur.


  • Choose Canine College or Career Placement

If Canine CollegeEdit

  • Schnauzer's Scholarship (Collect 200 Dog Bones)
  • Buy Food Supplies (Pay 50 Dog Bones)
  • Gain New Friends (LIFE)
  • Become a Seeing-Eye Dog (Collect 50 Dog Bones)
  • Cram for Academic Tests (Lose next turn)
  • Visit New York City (LIFE)
  • Summer Break in Lake Tahoe (Pay 50 Dog Bones)
  • Make the Pedigree List (LIFE)
  • Practice for Obstacle Course (Lose Next Turn)
  • Graduation Party (LIFE)
  • Job Search

If Career PlacementEdit

  • Pay Day
  • Rent Row Dog-House (Pay 50 Dog Bones)
  • Bingo Raffle Winner! (Collect 100 Dog Bones)

Game SpacesEdit

  • Help a Stray find a Home (LIFE)
  • Lost in Forest (Lose Next Turn)
  • Birthday Celebration (LIFE)
  • Broken Tailbone (Pay 50 to Doctor Dog, if any.)
  • Win Aerobics Event (Collect 100 Dog Bones)
  • Don't Eat Chocolate (LIFE)
  • Resolve Dog-and-Cat Conflict (LIFE)
  • Pay Day
  • Repair Skateboard Wheels (Lose Next Turn)
  • Get Married (LIFE)
  • Wedding Reception (Pay 100 Dog Bones)
  • Adventure in Niagara Falls (LIFE)
  • Buy Sleeper Sofa (Pay 100 Dog Bones to Store Mascot, if any.)
  • Stolen Skateboard! (Pay 100 Dog Bones if not insured.)
  • Round-America Trip (Pay 100 Dog Bones to Travel Dog)
  • Nocturnal Classes (You're free to Pay 200 Dog Bones to Instructor, if any... if You want to change Your career and Salary for three other choices.)
  • Pay Day
  • Bone Tax (Pay)
  • Win City Bingo Contest (Collect 500 Dog Bones)
  • Encounter Long-Lost Relative (LIFE)
  • Buy Dog House (LIFE)
  • Pay Day
  • You're Fired! (Pick another Career Card and Salary)
  • Male Kitten/Pup is Born! (Gain Male child/LIFE)
  • Furnish Kids Room (Pay 50 dog Bones to Store Mascot)
  • Female Kitten/Pup is Born! (Gain Female child/LIFE)
  • Win Pet Show! (Collect 100 Dog Bones)
  • Pay Day
  • Twin Kittens/Puppies are Born! (Gain Two Children and one LIFE)
  • 50-Yardline Seats at Football Finals (Pay 200 Dog Bones to Sportsdog, If any)
  • Female Kitten/Pup is Born! (Gain Female Child/LIFE)
  • Attend Hollywood Event! (Pay 50 Dog Bones to Celebrity Pet, if any)
  • House affected by Earthquake! (Pay 400 Dog Bones if it's not insured)

if You selected Left side

  • Buy 100-inch TV (Pay 50 Dog Bones)
  • Stock Market goes up! (Gain 1 Stock)
  • Forest Picnic (LIFE)
  • Visit Las Vegas (LIFE)
  • Pay Day
  • Stolen Skateboard! (Pay 100 Dog Bone if not insured)

If You selected Right side

  • Veterinarian Tests (Pay 100 Dog Bones to Doctor, if any)
  • Job Trade.Seminar (Trade Salary with any player if You like)
  • Male Kitten/Pup is Born! (Gain Male Child/LIFE)
  • Pay Day
  • Female Kitten/Pup is born (Gain Female Child/LIFE)
  • Hurricane blows away Home (Pay 100 Dog bones, if not insured.)
  • Return missing License (LIFE)


  • Salary Seminar (Trade Salary Card with any player if You like)
  • Arrange Special Event (LIFE)
  • Respect Your Elders (LIFE)
  • Male Kitten/Pup is Born! (LIFE)
  • Pay Day
  • Adventure in Japan (Pay 250 Dog Bones to Travel Guide, if any)
  • Nocturnal Classes (You're free to pay 200 Dog Bones to get another Career and salary, if You do, pay the money to the Instructor, if any.)
  • Teach Pups how to play catch. (LIFE)
  • Unveil Gallery in Art Museum (Pay 200 Dog Bones to Painter, if any)
  • Pay Day
  • Become Judge for Dance Competition (LIFE)
  • Win Three-Legged Race (Collect 100 Dog Bones)
  • Spin again IF You're not in the lead
  • Trade Salary Card with any player, If You like
  • Taxes Due (Pay to the Bone Keeper, if any)
  • Tennis Classes (Pay 250 Dog to Sports-Animal, if any)
  • African Adventure (Pay 250 Dog Bones to Travel Guide, if any)
  • Pay Day
  • Stock Market goes down (Lose one Stock, if any)
  • Feeling Nostalgic (LIFE)
  • Day Care (Pay 50 Dog Bones per pup/kitten in Your skateboard to the instructor, if any)
  • Make new Board Game (Collect 800 Dog Bones)
  • Adopt Twin Pups or Kittens (Gain Two children of the opposite species(LIFE)

Left Side

  • Invest in Musical (Pay 100 Dog Bones to Performer, if any)
  • Pay Day
  • Join Comedy Club (LIFE)
  • Family Portrait (Pay 350 Dog Bones to Painter, if any)
  • Salary Seminar (Trade Salary card with any player, if You want.)

Right Side

  • Arrange Police Dog/Cat Taskforce (Pay 100 Dog Bones to Watchdog/WatchCat, if any)
  • Pay Day
  • Locate Mobster's loot under Your Property (Collect 800 dog Bones)
  • Taxes Due (Pay to Bone Keeper)
  • Buy State-of-the-Art Skateboard (Pay 250 Dog Bones)
  • I.R.S. refund! (Collect 750 Dog Bones)


  • Take Art Lessons (Pay 250 Dog Bones to Painter, if any)
  • Trash Collecting (LIFE)
  • Win Big on Game Show! (Collect 950 Dog Bones)
  • Remedial Classes (Pay 50 Per Child to Instructor, if any)
  • Participate in a Water Balloon War (LIFE)
  • Learn a different Language (LIFE)
  • Buy Summer Home (Pay 900 Dog Bones)
  • Pay Day
  • You've been Robbed! (Pay 500 Dog Bones if Your house isn't insured.)
  • Your hometown treats You like a king! (Collect 1,000 Dog Bones)
  • Company Strike! (Trade Salary Card with any player if You want.)
  • Turn room into a Gym (Pay 300 Dog Bones to Sports-Animal, if any)
  • Stock Market Crashes?! (Lose one stock)
  • Meteorite crashes House! (Pay 1,250 Dog Bones if it's not insured.)
  • Pay Day
  • Tick Infestation (Pay 250 Dog Bones to Doctor)
  • Late on Taxes (Pay to Bone Keeper, if any)
  • Buy Water Bike (Pay 300 Dog Bones to Store Mascot)
  • Sponsor Little League Baseball Tourney (Pay 350 Dog Bones to Sports-Animal, if any)
  • Your Workplace shut down (Start new Career)
  • Spin Again if You're not in the lead
  • Pay Day
  • Videotape Concert (Pay 1,000 Dog Bones to Performer, if any.)
  • Job Negotiation (Trade Salary Card with any player if You want)
  • Look up at the shooting Stars (LIFE)
  • Spin Again if You're not in the lead
  • Remove onion from inside Your body (Pay 1,000 Dog Bones to Doctor, if any)
  • Kids Attend Academy (Pay 300 Dog Bones to instructor for every child in Your family)
  • Pay Day
  • Hidden Taxes (Pay to Bone Keeper)
  • Spin Again if You're not in the lead
  • Visit War Museum (LIFE)
  • Sponsor Art Murals (Pay 1,250 to Painter)
  • Adventure at Mt. Everest (LIFE)
  • Salary Trading (Trade salary with any player if You want.)
  • Pay Day
  • Fish at Lake Tahoe (LIFE)
  • Spin again if You're not in the lead
  • Hire Racer for Charity Event (Pay 650 Dog Bones to Sports-Animal, if any)
  • Hike at a Forest (LIFE)
  • Pay Day
  • Have Your own garden (LIFE)
  • Spin Again if you're not in the lead
  • Interact with Zoo Animals (LIFE)
  • Oriental Cruise (Pay 450 Dog Bones to Travel Guide, if any)
  • You're a Grandpa/Grandma!
  • Pay Day
  • Throw Celebration for Good Friends (Pay 350 Dog Bones to Performer)
  • Round-the-World Cruise (Pay 550 Dog Bones to Travel Guide)
  • Pension! (Collect 200 x the number You spin)
  • Retirement (to Pine-Needle Acres or Platinum Country Club)


  • Doctor (Degree Required)
  • Store Mascot
  • Travel Guide
  • Instructor (Degree Required)
  • Bone Keeper (Degree Required)
  • Sports-Animal
  • Performer
  • Artist
  • Watchdog/Watchcat


  • Junkyard
  • Tent Trailer
  • House in the Forest
  • Hospital
  • Farm House
  • City Condo
  • Beach House
  • Penthouse
  • Fancy Hotel


200 to 1000 Dog Bones in multiples of 100.

Life TilesEdit

500 Dog BonesEdit

1000 Dog BonesEdit

1500 Dog BonesEdit

2000 Dog BonesEdit

2500 Dog BonesEdit

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