Premise Edit

Fencer searches the town of WIllowby for His friends, who are missing.

Plot Edit

One winter's morning in the Mansion, Fencer wakes up and when He sees Pepe coming with Mrs. Escrow, He tries to tell the dogs that Pepe is coming as He hides under the bed. a few seconds after Mrs. Escrow leaves, Fencer slowly comes out from His hiding place and tells the others that the coast is clear. but, no one was there. Fencer thinks that Foofur and the others left the house earlier, so, Fencer goes off on His own to search for them. At the Flower shop, Fencer goes inside to tell Dolly that Foofur and the others are missing, but She was not here. He then goes to the shop's penthouse, and sees Burt inside, but just as the Afghan Hound demands Fencer to leave, The Cat tells Burt that Foofur and the others are missing. which Burt finds amusing, after barking Fencer out of the penthouse.

Later, at the Willowby Sardine Factory, Fencer searches from the heights for Foofur or anyone else, after some time, A worker sees Fencer and tries to catch Him. Fencer manages to get away and while He wasn't looking He accidentally comes inside Vinnie's Shack. He looks around, but doesn't see Vinnie or any of the Cat Pack. He then notices that They're not here either. Fencer then began to realize that He's all alone. at Night in Willowby Park, Fencer looks at the clock tower and sees that it is now Midnight. just as He falls asleep, He sees what looks like a silhouette of Foofur, and goes after It. Fencer then chases the shadowy figure to the Mansion as it goes inside. Fencer comes inside and sees streamers in the living room, as Foofur and the others along with the Cat Pack's Families, Lucky and Setzer's Family, Abigail's Cats, and the Uptown Club Scream "Surprise! Happy Birthday, Fencer!" as confetti falls. Fencer who was bewildered, asks Foofur about where They were and why is Vinnie here. Vinnie says that "Just because It's Your birthday, it doesn't mean We have to like You." Foofur says that since It is Fencer's Birthday, Foofur and the others set up the party for Him and that They went to the party place to get supplies. and that every Cat in Willowby who Fencer encountered is invited. Foofur apologized to Fencer for making Him think that They were missing. Fencer easily forgives Him as the Party begins.

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