This page is for a Fan Character for the Foofur Franchise.,


Vincent, also known as Vinnie XIII, is a Gray Maine Coon-Siamese Kitten.


A Young Kitten who used to hate dogs, until Foofur saved Him at the end of Just Kitten. Vincent has a musical talent, like playing the piano under Viola's Guidance, and taught to play the Violin by Vinnie. but will get offended if He or any of His family are called moggies which means Non-Pedigree cat or Mouse in the United Kingdom.


  • Vinnie - Vincent's Father.
  • Viola - Vincent's Mother.
  • Vera - Vincent's little Sister.


  • Foofur - He was the first adult dog Vincent could trust.
  • Fencer - Vincent considers Fencer as a Voice of Reason, Uncle Figure, and Karate Sensei.
  • Rat Brothers - He was playful around the Three, despite them trying to scare the kitten. He once took a taste of Chucky, but realized the hard way that rats taste horrible.
  • The Kitten Pack - He is de facto leader of the next Generation of the Cat Pack, composed of the shaky Alyson, (Alphonse's Daughter) The easily-bored Malcolm, (Alphonse's Son) The tricksters, Martina and Martino, (Rusty's Twin Kittens) The Adventurous Jacob, with the Cautious Dante, and the Impressionable Celes. (Ferdinand's Kittens) and of course, the shy Paola (Ralph's Daughter) and the depressed Cobalt. (Ralph's Son)
  • Nunzia - A Birman Kitten, and Vincent's Love Interest.
  • The Scat Cats - His top favorite Music Group, first to the Power Chord Pussycats.
  • Breslau - A Living Legend known as the Pigeon Kitten.
  • Fencer's Kittens - He named them the newest members of the Kitten Pack.


  • Dobermans - Ran away from them when They intended to brutally maul Him.
  • Pepe - Called Him a miniature bully-dog, earning the wrath of the Chihuahua.
  • Mikhail - an arrogant Siberian-breed Kitten who tries to One-up Vincent for Nunzia's attention, and once tried to take over leadership of the kitten pack.
  • Helix - Called Him a bully dog for denying Him and His family a fair chance to come relax at the beach.
  • Pyrite - He and His two hench-dogs Chased Vincent up a tree.
  • Seeker - He tried to ruin a secret concent held by the Scat Cats.


  • Vincent would have been voiced by Joey Lawrence, who voiced Oliver in Disney's Oliver and Company.

Fan-Art Edit


Vincent on His Fours and on His hind legs

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