This page is for a Fan Character for the Foofur Franchise.

Viola is a Siamese Cat, whose Husband is Vinnie of the Cat Pack. Viola also happens to be a childhood friend of Dolly.



  • Viola would be voiced by Charity James.
  • Viola can just as tough as Vinnie if Her Husband or Kittens are threatened.

Kittenhood Edit

Viola was the thirdbord of seven kittens, (five female, two male) and lived in an dilapidated farm, until She, Her siblings, and Parents were adopted by one of Willowby's richest families. there, She once wandered the streets and found Herself at an Obedience School. She was however chased by the canine students (except Dolly, who tried to defend the kitten) when the headmaster saw what's happened, He chastised the students for chasing a cat, which is unacceptable, but rewards Dolly for defending a kitten. Viola and Dolly became friends on the spot.

Adolescence Edit

At Their parents' request, Viola and Her four sisters are told to look for potential husbands. (since Viola's two brothers already have Their future wives.) On Her search, She sees Vinnie, who sees Him as a bad-natured roughneck. btu with time, She grew to love Vinnie.

Relationships Edit

  • Vinnie (Husband)
  • Vincent (Son)
  • Vera (Daughter)
  • Mint (Mother)
  • Crocus (Father)
  • Amber (Oldest Sister)
  • Miles (Older Brother)
  • Isabel (Younger Sister)
  • Thatcher (Younger Brother)
  • Ziggy (Younger Sister)
  • Natalie(Youngest Sister)

Quotes Edit

  • "Vinnie, You're not to harm one hair on any canine while We're here. be grateful He's letting Us stay inntil the flood's over. So, You must be Foofur. Whatever problems My husband gave You in the past, I'll make up for doggie yummies."
  • "So, Cleo. What made You and your husband want to live in a house of canines?"
  • "Son, there's a good reason why cats eat mice instead of rats."
  • "Vincent, I know You're practicing, but, don't dance on the keys."

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